Today here in Soropadan, Yogyakarta we held a meeting for people who are interested in becoming Companions in Mission – people who feel called to live our charism and spirituality alongside us. We have been inviting people and collecting names for the last couple of months. It is our intention to begin the programme on 25th October. We invited all those who were interested in joining the programme and who were free to come and join us this afternoon for an introductory meeting. Nineteen people joined us and several more would like to join the programme but were not free this afternoon. The group was made up people from a diversity of backgrounds, their ages ranged from 29 -70. Four FCJs are involved in leading this group: Agnes, Dewi, Rachel and I. Meanwhile, the rest of Soropadan community supported us by helping with practicalities, like making tea and washing up.

I was touched by the enthusiasm of those who came to the meeting, at their deep hunger for spirituality and at their appreciation of our Society and at their willingness to walk in companionship with us in mission, in service of God. I am certain that this is the beginning of something new for us here and that we will all be enriched by this new way of expressing our FCJ charism. I found there were many new things for me too, including a fresh way of looking at our spirituality and charism. I am delighted to have suddenly gained so many new companions! As part of the closing prayer we sang a hymn and the group held hands and began a simple dance. I felt like dancing then and I truly feel like dancing now – with sheer joy at a beautiful day.

3 Responses to “I COULD DANCE FOR JOY!”

  1. Lynne fcJ Says:

    That is great news Clare!

  2. Anouska fcJ Says:

    How fantastic Clare. I will keep all your efforts in prayer, as you call people to walk alongside us as Companions in Mission. Well done!

  3. Anne Says:

    Hi Clare,
    Congratulations! I ma delighted that you had such a great response. we will be thinking of you when you begin and will tell our CIM´s. They too will be delighted. If you need any advice we would be willing to help in any way we can from a distance.

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