Making a Retreat


I wrote recently that I was going to have some time of retreat. Well, I made an 8 day retreat in Wales… it was in an absolutely beautiful setting, surrounded by the Welsh mountains and looking out across the valley to the sea. In the evenings I could watch the sunset over the water.

So, what is a retreat like?

Each day began with a time of personal prayer before I met with the person who was ‘directing’ my retreat. The purpose of this meeting is generally to give you an opportunity to talk about your prayer, the things that you are reflecting on, and the connections you are making with the rest of your life. The director helps you to look at all of that and sort of sift out what is important. The rest of the day was spent in silence, with times of prayer, reflection, walking and even an opportunity for some art! In the evening after Eucharist and a meal we had an opportunity for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament during which all the people who were making a retreat were invited to pray silently for each other.

Why make a retreat?

For me, retreat time helps me to put some of the ups and downs of normal life into the wider context of the choice I have made to be an FCJ, a faithful companion of Jesus. It helps me to recognise again that God can speak to me in any situation if I am open and willing to listen.

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