Retreat Time


In the next few days I will be beginning my annual retreat. When I explained this to some of my colleagues at work they were fascinated by the idea – for some the thought of being silent for a period of time is very challenging, for others the supposed inactivity makes them a bit fearful…

Their questions and reactions made me stop and think about retreat time again – I always look forward to retreats even though they can at times be a challenge – in silence for a long period without distractions you do find yourself brought face to face with yourself, with God, with your own faith or hesitations… and yet retreat can also be a time of peace, rest , affirmation and getting in touch more deeply with God’s love and care…  I am really looking forward to mine!

2 Responses to “Retreat Time”

  1. Maria Vittoria Says:

    Spero che tu abbia fatto un bellissimo ritiro Lynne. E’ vero, il silenzio e la riflessione ci obbligano a trovare il cuore della nostra vita. Gesù ci aiuta sempre a ritirarci per pregare e a stare con Lui. Non è facile in questo mondo dove prevale l’idea che: ‘lavoro, produco quindi esisto’? Siamo spesso divisi da questi due modi di vedere la vita e facciamo fatica a bilanciare l’uno e l’altro. E’ una fortuna poter passare un pò di tempo per apprezzare con calma e gioia il cammino fatto con il Compagno durante un anno a volte faticoso, a volte invece gratificante e poter dire: ‘Grazie Signore mio e Dio mio.’ Auguri Lynne e buon cammino!

  2. Anouska fcJ Says:

    I have just returned from my annual retreat, and feel truly blessed to have this time to stop, quiet my head, my heart, and my life to make way for the Christ who calls and accompanies me each and every day. I return ever more deeply in love and even more willing to serve God and God’s people. The graces of these moments never cease to amaze me and I thank God for this great privilege of time and space – my yearly holiday with God.

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