One year after Sydney World Youth Day


maasin[1]This time last year our province of Asia-Australia celebrated World Youth Day in a very tangible way as our sisters in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines worked enthusiastically with many young people, either to send them off or to joyfully welcome them.

After World Youth Day, we, in Maasin in the Philippines, enjoyed the excitement and happiness as the five young women who went from here shared their experiences and their photographs. At that time we planned to continue to meet, but this has not happened as regularly as we had hoped and this has been playing on my conscience. So when I was approached by one of the group to ask if I was free for a meeting I was relieved that something was happening. My relief turned to surprise when I saw they had prepared a well-planned MAGiS Circle of liturgy with scripture reflection, sharing of challenges and desires, and plans for the future as an anniversary celebration of their World Youth Day experience. It was very moving and reflective, and it was wonderful to see their initiative and desire for deepening and continuing in the MAGiS spirit.

Prepared by Judith Routier fcJ

One Response to “One year after Sydney World Youth Day”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    How lovely to hear about the MAGiS group Judith…and how wonderful to know that the MAGiS spirit is still so strong in the group. Here in Yogyakarta there is still a group from MAGiS08 that continues to meet and share on life in the context of Ignatian spirituality. The continued enthusiasm of these groups in Maasin and Yogyakarta is very inspiring isn’t it?

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