A common project


This year I have had the opportunity to work alongside the Jesuit Volunteer Community (JVC). There are two of us who act as ‘community partners’ which means that we are around as a support for the community, we meet up with them on a regular basis, share a meal and just see how life is going. Its also a way of helping the group to keep focused on what their JVC year is a bout. JVC volunteers commit to four core values – simple living, community, spirituality and social justice and through the year they try to live out these values in a small group setting whilst volunteering in a placement within the local community.

Being a community partner has been a really positive experience for me – I started off not really knowing much about JVC, or the role of the community partner, I missed the orientation and then very soon after the group began I left the country for a month… but in spite of all that I felt welcomed by the group, I felt that there was a good sense of acceptance, and tolerance within the group, and most of all I was impressed by the young people taking part – all very different, from different cultures and backgrounds, thrown together for a year, and yet willing to ‘give it a go’! I have also really appreciated working with the other community partner – just being able to bounce ideas of someone and to work alongside someone else for the same goal has been  a good experience. Ignatian spirituality underpins JVC, and I experienced the God who can be ‘found in all things’ by working within the JVC framework with those young people!

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