Seeing differently


Just a very simple thought… in the midst of what has been a very busy few weeks for me: I love my life! Whenever I recognise that, I feel so fortunate – there are all sorts of ups and downs, but I love my life! I love what I do with my days!

Last week I spent the whole week with a great group of students all working on a physics project together… they were thoughtful, hard working, inspiring… I just felt so lucky to have the opportunity to be working with young people every day. One of the days,  we visited London, and, as we were sitting in St James’ Park, in sight of Buckingham Palace, one of the younger girls said ‘Aren’t we lucky? Most children could never do this!’

Opportunity is a great thing, but the real richness comes when we are also grateful!

5 Responses to “Seeing differently”

  1. Maria vittoria Says:

    Sono proprio d’accordo, e mi fa piacere che sia stata espressa gratitudine da giovani così serie e impegnate. Anch’io lo trovo un vero privilegio lavorare con loro soprattutto quando non hanno paura di esprimere tutta la ricchezza che hanno nell’animo senza temere di essere giudicati ‘secchioni’. La nostra Fondatrice sapeva che è un apostolato importantissimo quello tra la gioventù che lei educava con amore e saggezza.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Lynne,
    It’s great to be reminded to stop and take a look at life and what we have…
    I find it helps me too when others reflect back to me things they see in my life…How important too to see the beauty in others’ lives…I am deeply sad when I hear others judge themselves harshly – and I try to reflect back what I see which is usually quite different. To look with love, to look as God loves…is so crucial…

  3. Catherinefcj Says:

    Thanks Lynne–how wondeful for that young girl to realise that other youngsters might not have the same opportunity as she has and to be grateful for it. I looked at myself and realised that I am not always grateful and appreciative for what is in my life.
    Yes it is wonderful to be working with young people–I’m glad you are there.

  4. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    Here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, we had a record-breaking night of cool weather last night. For the past three days, temperatures have been in the 60s at night and only in the 80s during the day. It has been such a gift of God, this unusually cool weather in the month of July! I noticed out in the garden this morning that the plants seem MUCH less stressed and are showing signs of revived growth. It got me wondering about where I, personally, feel the “heat” in my life……… and thanking God that occasional cool spells come my way! Then I read this blog and realized that gratitude is often my “cool spell”! I, too, love my life and have really enjoyed these days of summer when there’s been more time to read, and think, and enjoy nature…..

  5. clarefcj Says:

    How important it is for me to remember all the good things I have to enjoy every day…and to move from gratitude to generosity. I heard recently that recent United Nations figures say there are 1.2 billion people living below the poverty live…I ask myself “What can I/What can we do about this?” I hope we can be moved to respond by living gratefully and generously…and satisfied with enough for today.

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