FCJ Wisdom for a Hard Day


For a considerable length of time I have been working on a project which I had hoped was soon to be realised.  I have prayed and longed for this project and at the same time I have invested my time and energy in it.  I thought the day of success was near!  A few days ago I heard that the whole project had fallen through and all my effort and planning had come to nothing.  I was deeply disappointed and my enthusiasm was suddenly flattened.

Of course, I brought the whole experience and my feelings about it to my prayer: “Not my will but yours God.”  I thought of Marie Madeleine, our Founder, and of the many times in her life she had experienced disappointment.  I knew she would advise me to turn my focus away from myself and look to Jesus.  I imagined she would say to me: “Courage and Confidence” and encourage me to move out and seek ways of serving God by serving others.  In my heart I knew Marie Madeleine was right – the best remedy for disappointment was to be out among people and engaged in ministry.

As I consciously threw myself into my teaching and concentrated on my students and their needs I was aware of my spirits and my energies rising.  In doing what I was called to do, in being a companion to others through the ministry of education, I felt myself filled with the healing power of God.

When I reflected at the end of the day yesterday I wondered who had gained the most from my classes that day.  It seemed my students gained something and I know I gained a great deal from them. I was grateful for the mutuality of companionship I had experienced, for the energy I had given and received.  I gave thanks that I was able to move beyond my feeling of disappointment by relying on our well tried FCJ wisdom: to turn to Jesus our companion and to turn out to others in service.

2 Responses to “FCJ Wisdom for a Hard Day”

  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    I often think about the motto” Courage and confidence”….. I think courage is part of the legacy of Marie Madeleine for us BECAUSE we are women…. Men don’t really need courage because they usually have the power and the physical strength to do whatever they feel called to do… but women? We are often outside of the power structures and not physically strong in the same ways…. we NEED courage… we feel our helplessness and hopelessness more…. it’s how we’ve been socialized in this world…..

    We need courage to go and do beyond our own strength….and that requires that we have confidence in God, that we trust that God will supply what we cannot… that God will use our efforts and bring others along to help…..

    May courage and confidence be our constant refrain!

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Madeleine for reminding me of the potency of those words
    “Courage and Confidence”…That’s what I need on bad days to go beyond my lack of hope, my lack of energy, my disappointment. I need the strength that comes from the group as well…I was very taken by your constant use of “we”…

    May we have courage and confidence and may we be a source of courage and confidence for others.

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