Young and Inspiring


It seems to me that young people can at times get quite bad press, but this week I have had two really positive experiences of watching some of the young people I have been working with move on to new things.
One was when the Samuel Group I have been working with finished their programme. In the ‘Samuel’ programme a group of young adults have met together once a month to reflect together on where God is calling them in their lives. We used Lectio Divina as a way of reflecting together on vocation. As we came to the end of the programme it was inspiring to hear how each of the group felt they wanted to respond to God’s action in their lives. It is amazing to have the opportunity to listen to people’s experience of their faith and of God.
The second inspiring moment this week was when I was present at the graduation of hundreds of young people in our city as they completed their secondary education. The evening was a celebration for those who had not only achieved their potential academically, but also had made the most of the opportunities provided for them, and it was great to see so many of them justifiably proud of their achievements.
It reminds me of a part of our Chapter Decree – these young people for me are bringers of ‘outrageous hope’.


2 Responses to “Young and Inspiring”

  1. ownerty Says:

    hi. great article!

    • Lynne fcJ Says:

      Thanks – I wish so much more positive news about young people would hit the headlines! I think everyone has so much to offer in terms of hope and inspiration!

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