God, Present and Labouring in all of Creation


Here in Romania, we had our community day on a Sunday recently in June. It was a time of sharing our experiences as FCJs living in community, the ups and downs of the past months and an important time for being together before we disperse for summer  activities, retreat, youth camp, break with family or whatever.

Our two small community groups met in Buzau, a town in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, roughly halfway between Bucharest and Galati.  It was a glorious cloudless summer day, warm sunshine bathing the countryside.  Creation in all its glory !!

After a picnic lunch in a field of wild flowers, we drove up a winding hilly road through little villages lined with cherry trees and vines, and hillslopes where we saw shepherds caring for flocks of sheep and goats… and THEN we came across an amazing landscape tucked away amid the rich variegated green hills around…  a strange barren area, almost a lunar surface of MUD VOLCANOES!  Pressure from gases deep below the surface caused the ground to crack and grey/brown mud splattered out of craters both large and small gradually building up cones. The area is a nature reservation open to the public.

My first reaction (as a geographer!) was to breathe in deeply and to say.  Lord, how good it is to be here, to see this natural strange phenomenon, so rare in Europe (though I believe hot mud flows are also found in Indonesia.)

Reflecting on my feelings of excitement and wonder as I watched the activity in the craters and listened to the plopping and the bubbling of the mud as a new mud flow poured out on to the surface, I was reminded of St Paul writing to the Romans about the whole of creation groaning in one great act of giving birth.   I thought of the Spirit moving in the depths of my being,  bringing new life.

The incident in the fifth chapter of John’s Gospel also came to mind, of the paralysed man lying with a large number sick people beside the pool of Bethsaida waiting for the stirring of the waters, and how Jesus healed him…

It was a moment of gratitude and wonder, that our God is present, continually creating, changing the world around us,  and also shaping us, when we are open to his touch.

4 Responses to “God, Present and Labouring in all of Creation”

  1. Clare fcJ Says:

    Hi Juliet, thank you for the vivid description of your community day…I felt as if I was there. How lovely to be together in such an amazing setting! I am glad to have been able to share in your experience.

  2. THEDREZ Says:

    Hi Juliet, Thank you for the life you share. It’s wonderful to see the two communities from Roumenia and the beauty of the nature around you.

  3. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    When I see wonderful sights in nature, my heart starts to sing, “This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears, all nature sings and around me rings the music of the spheres!”

    What variety we enjoy on our beautiful planet! May we never take it for granted…..may we always be filled with gratitude for the sheer lovliness of creation and for the loving God who is ever-present and laboring in all creation!!!!!

    Thank you, dear Sisters, for the sharing!

  4. Maria vittoria Says:

    Che bella sorpresa! Veramente uno straordinario paese la Romania. Non avrei mai pensato che ci fossero anche delle sorprese simili. Mi piace immaginare questa scena descritta così bene. Grazie Juliet, anche delle foto. Il tempo inoltre vi ha accompagnate. Grazie a Dio per questo mondo vivo e in cambiamento di cui facciamo parte. Maria Vittoria fcJ

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