Calming storms


In my work with teenagers I often find myself calming storms. Life for many teenagers is full of difficulties and problems which can at times seem insurmountable, and they often need someone who is able to be a little bit objective in order to help them see a way through the rough patch and into calmer waters.
Reflecting on last Sunday’s Gospel with the Samuel Group I have been facilitating, provided me with a different perspective as well. I realised that in the Gospel, Jesus is asleep. Isn’t that strange? A man familiar with the fishing community, a man who has travelled many times across the lake, and he sleeps through the violent storm threatening to ‘overwhelm’ the boat! It made me think about the storms I encounter, particularly the ones that seem overwhelming. Are they really so terrible? Or is it that I need a different perspective? Perhaps, like the teenagers I work with, there are simply times when I need to be able to rely on others to help me through the rough patch.

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