…And There Were Other Boats with Him


As I listened to today’s readings in Mass there was a line in the Gospel that I heard as if for the first time despite being so very familiar with today’s text – the story of the calming of the storm: Mk 4:35-41.  Having described Jesus’ desire to cross the lake Mark says that the disciples took Jesus in the boat.  He then continues with the words “and there were other boats with him” (verse 36b).  I was very struck by the idea that there were other boats with Jesus and his disciples and I found myself wondering what happened to them.  Did they stay where they were? Did some of them follow him across the lake?  I said to myself: “If some of the boats followed Jesus across the lake then they too would have been be caught in the storm.”  I then began to imagine how frightened those in the other boats would have been and even more so because Jesus was not with them.  As my thoughts went further I knew that Jesus would have calmed the storm for all those affected by it and not just for a chosen few.  I found that thought very comforting.  It confirmed me in my belief that Jesus is always present with me, even if at times unseen and unrecognised – and especially so when times are hard and I am afraid of being overwhelmed by life and its problems.  There are other disciples with Jesus, not only those who lived and ministered with him some two thousand years ago, there are all of us…and he never sleeps, he never leaves us…and he never stops pouring out his love upon us.

3 Responses to “…And There Were Other Boats with Him”

  1. Victoire Finlay fcj Says:

    Yes, I too noticed the lines referring to other boats being on the lake that stormy night.. I can’t remember seeing this info. before. But I welcome the reflection that Jesus would have been there for them also as He is for any of us who toss on a stormy sea in our lives if we ask and trust Him…Thankyou

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Victoire, I am glad to be reminded that Jesus is there for us in the stormy seas of our lives. Sometimes he does that by way of others doesn’t he? I can remember being grateful for your presence in my life through a few stormy seas!

  3. Ali Says:

    Well, I have been doing a series on the ‘The Journey of faith’ and for the past three weeks we have learnt a lot from that passage. But somehow I thought i should consider ‘ there were other little boats with him’. My question has been, how did the reaction of the disciples who were with Jesus play on the minds of those who did not have the physical presence of Jesus in their small boats in the stormy sea? Can we say they were like cloud of witnesses to the reaction of believers in the storms of life?

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