Sat Nav


Have you ever used a Sat Nav? As you drive along, possibly thinking you know exactly where you are heading, a disembodied voice in the car tells you which way you should go. My (very limited) experience is that the voice of the Sat Nav can be quite insistent, and at times even tells you to make a U-turn if it thinks you aren’t along the right road!

I had a long journey today in a car with a Sat Nav system, and it got me thinking about all the different voices we listen to in our lives in order to determine the direction we need to move in. Our friends, family, colleagues, spiritual directors, and many others, play an important part in helping us to know which way to go, but it can be a challenge to know which are the voices we should give weight to in any given situation. Of course there is also our inner self, our connection and relationship with God that leads us, and if we can clear away some of the other noise of our life, that is perhaps the voice to pay most attention to.

Today I came off the route I was supposed to be following along the motorway. Sat Nav went crazy! I drove away from the busy road and stopped the car at the edge of a ripening field of wheat… the system told me I was ‘off road’ and wanted me to return to the road … I turned it off, sat quietly, and tried to listen for a while to where I really should be going.


One Response to “Sat Nav”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Lynne, I loved the imagery…Just as well my spiritual director is more flexible than Sat Nav! I don’t get to see my spiritual director that often as she lives in Singapore and I live in Indonesia, however I really value those precious meetings. Unlike Sat Nav, my spiritual director doesn’t dictate to me – she lets me discover my own way ahead and supports me whatever happens – and she helps me to see that as far as God is concerned I am never “off road”.

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