The Spiritual Exercises


Today, Dewi and I began a reflective reading of  the book by the Jesuit Michael Ivens : “Understanding The Spiritual Exercises”.   Ivens’ book is an excellent commentary on the Exercises.  We read only a few pages today as we stopped frequently to discuss things that had struck us.  At the end of each small section we took time to share on what had touched us.  We took about two hours and have reached as far as page 7, Annotation 6.  One thing that touched me today was the awareness of how mean I can be with God and how I can cut corners when it comes to giving time to prayer.  The contrast with God’s never ending generosity and my smallness of heart made me feel ashamed of myself.  It is time I was as big hearted with God as God is with me! 

We hope to give time to this reading at least once a fortnight and we will take as long as it takes. Would anyone else like to join us?  If your answer is yes – just begin reading and hopefully you might like to share your insights and reflections with us from time to time.

2 Responses to “The Spiritual Exercises”

  1. Lynne fcJ Says:

    It is great to read and share like this isn’t it?I find it inspires me to hear how the other person is interpreting the text. At the moment I am reading and sharing with a friend about poverty. It encourages me to read even though life is very busy, and it helps me to reflect on the more important things in life with someone else.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Yes Lynne, it really does help when we are reflecting on things with others..and there is so much to gain from the experience of sharing our insights. Wouldn’t it be great to have an “online sharing” of a specific text…Perhaps someone might suggest one?

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