Eat your chocolate one piece at a time!


It is usual here in Yogya when you have been away to bring a few small gifts for people – known as “oleh-oleh” in Indonesian.  I recently had to go to Singapore and on my return I gave a bar of chocolate to Ibu who works in our house.  “Ibu” means “mother” in Indonesian, it is a term of respect.  I discovered to my surprise today that she hasn’t finished the chocolate yet.  She eats a very small piece each day.  That reminded me of something that happens when we have something like chocolate or ice cream here in community.  I tend to gobble it down, almost without tasting it.  Meanwhile my Indonesian sisters eat it slowly relishing each small piece or spoonful.  

It strikes me that I live life the same way.  I rush through each day without stopping to experience it, relish it, really live it.  I am going to try and learn from Ibu and from my Indonesian companions to take life more slowly and carefully… to eat my chocolate one piece at a time.

4 Responses to “Eat your chocolate one piece at a time!”

  1. Bernadette O'M Says:

    This reminds me of a young Buddhist woman I know: her mother taught her that when eating an orange one should first ook at it carefully, enjoy the colour, the shape and the texture, give thanks for its beauty and eat each piece savouring the taste and the perfume. We miss the best part of the experience if we swallow without thinking and forget to appreciate God’s gifts. . .

  2. Clare fcJ Says:

    Thanks Bernadette…what a lovely way to eat an orange – I will do that the next time I have one. We once had a Buddhist visitor here who explained to us the importance of not wasting even a single grain of rice by just leaving it on our plates. I have always tried to finish my rice since then – and to be grateful for the food God gives us. I will try to use your way of looking at, enjoying, thanking for and savouring my food in future.

  3. Genazzano FCJ College, Year 9F class Says:

    Our year 9F class at Genazzano FCJ college have just finished a unit on hope and healing. We were looking through the website to gain a greater understanding of the FCJ schools and institutions in the world. When we read through the blogs and stumbled across this, we realized how similiar this thought was to the topic we had just studied.

    We just recently had a Penitential Rite with our priest Father Brendan Reed and had a chance to take time out and reflect upon our lives, just like eating “one piece of chocolate at a time”.

    • clarefcj Says:

      Dear Class 9F,
      Thank you for your response.
      How lovely to hear from you and to know that in different parts of the world we are thinking about similar things. I like the sound of what you looking at under the heading of \”Hope and Healing\”…I feel more hopeful today…Having heard from you. I would love to know more about the things you were looking at. Love to each one of you.

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