Salt for the Earth


Today’s Gospel included the line;

“You are salt for the Earth, but if salt loses its saltiness, what can make it salty again?”

When I read that it really struck a chord! It is quite a powerful question to ask of yourself isn’t it? If I am, as Jesus says, salt for the earth, then I have a responsibility to use that gift well.

saltWhat does salt do? It seasons, it adds flavour, it preserves… all sorts of things… so what impact should that statement have for me? What call or challenge is held in the phrase “You are salt for the Earth”?

It also got me thinking about the responsibility we have in our Christian lives to keep connecting with the inspiration and purpose of our lives… to keep Christ central, so that we aren’t ‘losing our saltiness’ and becoming bland. It can be so easy at times  to get caught into a pattern of doing something, or to get caught up in the everyday busyness of our life, and in some way lose sight of why we are doing things. So the reading presented me with a challenge today: Keep my life full of flavour, share that flavour with others, and don’t become bland in my everyday commitment.


3 Responses to “Salt for the Earth”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    One thing I love about that text is the thought that when we use salt we don’t have to use a huge amount…Just enough to flavour the pot! That gives me hope that my small efforts are enough to be part of the great cosmic movement that will bring forth the Reign of God! I find that text is both a challenge and an encouragement. I love the thought that nothing we do is lost…every bit of good counts…and it all builds up into the flow of love that will transform our world…Thank God for all our grains of salt!

  2. madeleinefcj Says:

    I also think about the fact that salt crystalizes as tiny cubes, or fractures into tiny cubes….tiny blocks….tiny building blocks. What we do as salt is what builds up the reign of God, just like stacking blocks to make a tower. We are constantly building on from what others have started before, adding to the new creation, block by block…..

  3. Maria vittoria Says:

    Mi piace questo brano del Vangelo ed il commento. La parola di Dio è sempre molto esigente e per fortuna! Mira in alto, perché solo così saremo felici, cioè evitando la mediocrità e cercando sempre il meglio per noi e per il nostro lavoro. Ma quanta fatica, e quanti errori! Avrò fatto qualcosa di bene oggi? Avrò inciso in qualche modo per trasmettere Gesù? Lo spero sempre. Ci vuole poco sale per condire, e spero di esserlo qualche volta con il Suo aiuto.

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