Last wevoc we 09 (1)ek at the Vocations weekend we woke early on Sunday morning to pray at sunrise on the beach. You can get a tiny flavour of how magnificent and awe inspiring it was!

voc we 09 (2)The weather was superb so we woke to a perfectly clear sky… as we walked to the beach there was just a tiny hint of the rising sun. It can be so easy to feel the presence of God at moments like that – God’s power and beauty seems so close when we are in the space to receive them.

Life isn’t always quite so glorious though. Today when I woke, it was cloudy, I had to get up early for work  – not a trip to the beach, the house alarm kept faulting so I was running late… how easily we can get thrown off our stride! Life may seem less magical and more ordinary – but God, is certainly no less present!

Maker of the Morning,as the blazing sun glories the eastern horizon, I arise and greet this new day. My spirit bows with gratitude, rejoicing in hope for what this day promises.

(Prayers to Sophia – J Rupp) 

6 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Ah Yes- bidden or not bidden God is always present! The pics are fab Lynne!

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Yes…God is always present! I spent much of my day today with students…and God was most certainly there with us…in our interactions, in the energy in the room, in the silence as we took time to stop and pray…in the cheery farewells as we all set off for home. Those “sunrise” and “sunset” moments are stunning…but don’t you just love it too when the day is not so great and suddenly it dawns on you that God is there in the chaos, the mess…when nothing seems to go to plan? I love that side of God…I love the feeling that God is on my side…

  3. MCSfcJ Says:

    The photos are beautiful, Lynne. It gives a real sense of the place.

    I had the joy of going over to Kew Gardens the other morning. It was simply glorious, the magnificence of the flowers and trees breathtaking. I had a deep sense of the presence of the Divine and the glorious, stunning variety of Creation.

    As Kathleen says above, ‘bidden or not bidden, God is always present! I thank God for those moments when I recognise the divine presence.

  4. clarefcj Says:

    It’s late here in Yogya, Indonesia, and at the end of a long, hot and sticky day suddenly the rain is gently falling and at last there is some respite from the heat. Ah God, you are surely bidden here tonight and how wonderful that you came! May all those who long for God tonight have a sense that God is with them.

  5. clarefcj Says:

    It is yet another late night in Yogya, the end of an extremely busy and tiring day. As I walked towards my room I caught the delicate fragrance of some of the orchids in our garden. I was reminded of the “sunrise” pictures that Lynne had posted and I thought to myself “God has many ways of touching the senses.” The soothing smell of the orchids is a gentle reminder to me that God is present at the closing of this day.

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