Open doors


captivated by Jesus 2052I love the image of the open door that is used in our General Chapter Decree to describe how God invites us to move forwards. To me an open door speaks of mystery, promise, hope , new beginnings. When doors open in our life then there are new possibilities, new challenges. When we stand at an open door we are on a threshold… life could remain the same, or it could change depending on the choices and decisions we make. Usually at an open door we can see part of what is at the other side, but we can’t see everything… we have to pass through the doorway to see more.

The words at the beginning of the Chapter decree are:

Through this door is our world, inviting us into its beauty and diversity, its suffering and need.”

Sometimes we can see partly what that means… but the decree invites each FCJ to move through the door and see more and more of what it means to live in a world that is full of beauty, as well as full of suffering.

One Response to “Open doors”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    To me the image of the open door is an image of hope – it says to me: “There is a way forward, there is the possibility of change, of something new.” The open door invites me through, it calls me beyond myself to others, it tells me that there is always something more…What I see through the open door depends upon my willingness to look beyond the small world of my own self interest…What I see are other human beings living many kinds of lives. Am I open to what is being asked of me at any particular time? Is there a choice? If I do not step beyond myself and move out towards others what am I left with? Only myself…And the danger is that I miss an opportunity to meet God who is calling me to a new place. Of course, there are always new oportunities…New invitations will always come…But today’s invitation is only for today…Will I accept? Will we accept? I hope so…

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