What if this was my last flight?


I had to make a plane journey the other day and just before take off – the power died, the emergency lights started flashing and an alarm blared out.  A technician came and before too long the problem was solved and we were ready to fly.  I don’t know if it was an “emergency drill” or not…no one said anything…but I felt unusually afraid as we prepared for take off once more.  I said to myself  “This might be my last journey…”  I commended myself to God and said ” I am in your hands, I am ready for whatever happens.”  It was not the most relaxed flight I have had by any means!  Half way through the flight I began to ask myself how ready I REALLY was if this was to be my last day on earth.  I thought of the people I wished I had contacted recently, I thought of the things I had left undone…and I thought of all the possessions I might never need again.  I realised that in reality I was not as prepared to die as I would like to be…Even now, some days later I am still asking myself  “What if this was your last day?”  I realise I need to spend time praying and reflecting on those things I consider priorities in my life.  I am going to try and live our FCJ life more fully, I am going to put people first – always – and I am going to take a long hard look at those possessions and things that have become necessities and see how many of them I can let go of.  Despite my years as a religious I realise I am a long way from true freedom of spirit… I wonder if some of you have insights to share on the most important things in life and especially in the light of  Gospel values?

Clare fcJ

3 Responses to “What if this was my last flight?”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    I was stunned to hear of the loss of the Air France plane last night – the tragic death of 228 people on board – adults and children. Let’s pray for those who died and for all those who mourn them. Let’s unite in companionship with all those who are grieving.
    Clare fcJ

  2. maryrosefcj Says:

    I too was shocked when I heard of the Air France disaster. I think some of the same thoughts whenever I take a flight, sort of “It’s out of my control now, dear God, please look after us whatever happens!” But how rarely do we really think anything might happen. A brother of the one Canadian who died in the crash is quoted as saying he was shocked, ‘these things happen to other people’.

  3. Clare fcJ Says:

    Thanks Mary Rose, you’re right I don’t usually think of things happening to me…How often do I think that unplanned things only happen to other people…I live as if the whole of life was under my control…I need to start and live more purposely and at the same time time to be less possessive…about my time, possessions, opinions, less possessive of others…and even of life itself.

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