Companionship – women to women


Companionship – women to women.  This afternoon I attended the women’s Bible Study in our basic ecclesial community here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Today there were twelve of us, sometimes there are as many as seventeen.   We vary in age and experience. Some of us are married, others are single. There are three FCJs in this group.  It’s much more a sharing than a study.  We take the scripture readings for the coming Sunday and use them as the basis of our sharing.  Our sharing is deep and from the heart.  Being a member of this group is currently one of the most formative influences in my life.  I always leave the group deeply touched and determined to be a better person and a better FCJ…                                  Clare fcJ

3 Responses to “Companionship – women to women”

  1. Lynne fcJ Says:

    I was at a course today and I was working with a fantastic group of commited Catholic leaders from a number of secondary schools. It was a real experience of companionship as we challenged each other, shared together and worked to develop our own ideas and those of the group.

  2. Clare fcJ Says:

    With the women’s Bible group I described we also get involved in a variety of social/pastoral activities. One of the women will ring and say “Sr. We need to make a hospital visit can you come too?” Or perhaps we hear of people who need food and clothes: “Sr. We’re collecting…can you come and help us?” Like Lynne, this is a real experience of collaboration for me – we are women on mission together -serving God in the midst of our daily lives.

  3. clarefcj Says:

    We had our Bible group today, Wednesday, instead of our usual Thursday. Our meetings always take a similar form:

    Our group begins informally at 5pm when we start to gather. We greet each other as if we were long lost friends and share on the events of the week. By about 5.20pm we are ready to start. Each week we meet in a different house, whoever is hosting the group leads the sharing. We begin with quiet time and a brief prayer. We then take the scripture readings for the coming Sunday, one at a time. We read the text slowly, taking a verse each and then spend a few minutes in private reflection before we begin to share, reflect, ask questions and tease out the text. Some weeks the texts lend themselves easily to deep sharing, at other times we work hard to draw out the meaning.

    This week the texts for Corpus Christi were quite a challenge: Exodus 24:3-8; Hebrews:9:11-15; MK:14:12-16,22-26. We were especially touched by the Gospel account of the Institution of the Eucharist and we shared a lot on what the Eucharist meant to us. Our meeting closed with a short time of prayer of intercession after which we enjoyed tea and simple snacks. It was a lovely evening, as always deeply touching and a source of spiritual energy for the week ahead.

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