Vocation – A Life in Process


An FCJ Vocation is the story of a life in process – in this case – my life in process – a response of love to love first given by God.  This love seems to flow and bust and bounce within me and it drives me out to others with the hope of somehow making a small difference for the better.  To be an FCJ, to be a Faithful Companion of Jesus, is to want to be alongside others as we search for ways of living more justly, more peacefully, more respectful of life in all its forms. For me, to be an FCJ is to be inspired by the person of Jesus and to try and live my life according to the values I discover in the Gospels.   I have been an FCJ for twenty three years and I often feel as if I am only beginning!  I am very grateful to have found a way of life that “fits” me as a person and which leads me to a quiet kind of peace.  I hope that one day all people will have the freedom to live life and to thrive in a peaceful and just world…I believe that is what God longs for…and I will live every day, every moment of my one life striving to do what little I can to bring life to others.                              Clare fcJ

2 Responses to “Vocation – A Life in Process”

  1. mcsfcj Says:

    I appreciate your comments Clare. I have just spent a couple of hours with a sister from another congregation. I first met her when I was working in the Civil Service before I entered and she was still at school. Apparently when I joined the FCJs it gave her the courage to enter and even though our paths have not crossed much in these intervening 40plus years(!) we touced base easily and shared about the joys of life as religious women. We talked about the various ministries we have both had and expressed gratitude for what life has brought us, recognising the opportunites for personal growth and the wonderful opportunites for walking alongside others on life’s journey. You could have been with us because your final comment about doing whatever ‘little we can to bring life to others’ was exactly what we ended up talking about.

  2. Clare fcJ Says:

    What a lovely story…and how brilliant that your example inspired the other woman to become a religious. It is wonderful to think what you have both done since you first knew each other. What power we have to influence each other by the way we live and the choices we make. Your story makes me think of the words of Marie Madeleine: “Good example does much good.”

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