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This is the Blog Spot of the Faithful Companions of Jesus.  We invite you to share the reflections of some of our sisters.  We would be delighted to have your comments and feedback.

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4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Kathleen (Halpin) Higgins Says:

    My sister, Margaret Halpen was an FCJ nun from Calgary, AB. Canada. She died in 1939 at the convent in Uccles, Belgium when I was only 4 yrs old!!
    We would like to know the history of the convent since that time & what is the status of the cemetery(graveyard) where she was laid to rest.
    I am the youngest girl in a family of 12 children. Sr. Margaret is also my Godmother! and she intercedes for me!
    We all attended St. Mary’s Girls School in Calgary, Canada & were taught
    by the FCJ nuns!. God bless you..
    Our prayers go out to you. Love in Christ, Kathleen

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Kathleen, I was very touched to read it. Your elder sister must have been a very special person and, as you say, she is still interceding for you. It is because of FCJs like your sister that FCJs like me are here today…we wouldn’t be here without them.
    God bless you too. How good to know that when I pray for all FCJs, their families and friends I am praying for you!

  3. Kathleen (Halpen) Higgins Says:

    Thank you Sr. Clare for your response. My sister Margaret FCJ died of Spinal Meningitis at age of 21/22 yrs. She got up from her sickbed to make her final vows before her death.
    The nuns were so kind & loving to write letters to our parents when Margaret could no longer write. It was a difficult time for our parents with her so far away!
    We still have copies of the letters Margaret sent home from England & Belgium & notes from the nuns who cared for her.
    I went into nursing in Calgary after completing high school under FCJs and later met my husband while nursing in California.
    We now live in the USA, with 5 children & 11 grandchildren. Their families are active in ministries in the Catholic faith. The intersessions of Sr.Margaret & all the FCJ communities are blessing us all! Thank you for your prayers. Love in Christ, Kathleen

  4. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you Kathleen for the beautiful story of your sister’s life – it is so touching and a real inspiration to me. How moving to imagine her rising from her bed to make her final vows shortly before her death. She lived her short life to the full. Doesn’t it show us that quality of life is what counts – not length of life? Your sister is surely very proud of you and of your family. What a great life you have lived too and clearly what a fine witness you have been and continue to be to your children and grandchildren. There are many ways of being faithful companions of Jesus aren’t there? I am so glad that we walk this journey united in heart and spirit. Thank you for the witness of your life.

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